How to Set Up an Efficient Press Bending Brake?

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In today’s era, metal fabrication companies want to be more efficient in working by utilizing all the available resources. Press bending brake is one of the expensive things to work with. The most costly part of any press brake operation is its full setup, even in the shops of press bending brakes. The entire setup process is time-consuming and hazardous. So, one should remember the matched accuracy. But the installation needs a proper method. So, follow the standard setup procedures of press bending brakes as below.

Review the drawing

Even before proceeding with the work, the operators need to be aware of the parts, design, and structure of those and available PEM insertion services. Drawing review is necessary to produce quality products, and it helps the operator know the material type, thickness, dimensions, tolerance of flange frequent and desirable angles, and blank size.

Tool selection

The selection of the tool is crucial in producing the most accurate parts and understanding the application as required. For example, a radius less than the metal thickness might require coining.

Determine the tonnage

Tonnage determination comes second in the priority list and is available for air bending. But never attempt it until and unless the tonnage requirement is ready.

Press Brake Selection

The center of the machine is equipped with a press brake is available with tonnes per inch limit. While having more than two or three brakes, having the best-suited press brake is mandatory.

Determine tooling position on the bed

Make sure whether the press brake and laser cutting stamp services manufacturer, allows off-center loading on the machine or not. It is always beneficial to work at the center under the guidelines of the machine manufacturer.

Install the tools

Tool installation is time-taking and the most costly step in the entire installation of a press bending brake. The alignment of upper and lower tooling takes place with the help of drilling services.

Programming the press brake

After installation and tooling alignment, now comes the programming to run the press brake. Whether it is manual or automatic, you should do the program for the smooth running of the machine.

Make a test run

Make a test run by bending a scrap part using the press bending brake machine. Taking a driving test is something that is quite necessary since it costs your hard-earned money.

Run Parts

After all these, the machine is ready to run. Always try to supervise the work and correct it if required. So, you can easily minimize the overall time in the setup process and maintain both qiality and accuracy of the product.

Wrapping it up

So, by implementing the above procedure, you can set up your press bending brake better than you can imagine. This consistent creation process assists you in enhancing productivity by reducing the scrap. So, install it and get the benefits from it.

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