Proshort provides state-of-the-art vertical CNC milling services.

Milling is a machining process that uses rotary cutters to remove material to create custom parts with precise tolerances.

The milling process takes a “workpiece” (which is a piece of pre-shaped material) that is secured to a fixture (which holds the workpiece on a platform in the milling machine) then feeds the workpiece into the milling cutter which removes material via many small cuts and with each cut it shaves off chips from the main work piece until it ends up with the desired shape.

Milling services is used to produce parts that are not axially symmetric and/or have many features such as slots, holes, three-dimensional surface contours or other unique attributes.

Milling services is perfect for prototypes or limited quantity components such as custom fasteners, brackets,andother parts.

Because of the high tolerances milling services is perfect for adding precision features to an already formed shape.

Milling services can be used for alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, tin, titanium nickel, lead, zinc, magnesium cast iron, copper and other metals. It also works with ceramics, elastomers, thermoplastics, thermosets, composites and more.

We are your one stop shop with all our in-house services: laser cutting, press brake bending, shearing, milling, vibratory finishing, PEM insertion, forming, drilling, TIG welding & MIG welding, and painting. Combined with our our-sourced operations: plating, anodizing, powder coating and passivating services we are your turnkey prototype and short run parts provider.

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