Proshort provides state-of-the-art drilling services.

Drilling is the process of using a drill bit to cut a hole in solid metal or plastics, cutting off chips (swarf) from the hole as it is drilled.

Our drilling services mission is to meet your print specifications and urgent delivery demands for quantities ranging from 1 to 50,000 pieces. Our experienced tool and die makers and machinists get your part from concept to tangible part fast.

At times it is best to establish a centering mark or feature before starting to drill, such as: casting, molding, or forging a mark into the workpiece. Center punching or spot drilling or spot facing are also ways to ensure the drill bit accurately drills the hole for tight or precise tolerances needed.

Deep hole drilling is defined as drilling a hole deeper than ten times the diameter of the hole. Proshort has the equipment to maintain straightness and tolerances as well as other essential secondary tooling methods many times required, such as trepanning, skiving, burnishing, pull boring, or bottle boring.

Our high tech monitoring systems control force, torque, vibrations, and acoustic emissions. Vibration is a major defect in drilling.

Microdrilling’s definition is drilling holes less than .020 inches (0.5mm). Drilling holes this small presents obstacles such as coolant fed drills can’t be used and high spindle speeds (usually exceeding 10,000 RPM) are required. Balanced tool holders are needed.

Orbital drilling, also known as circle interpolating, uses machine cutters to create the holes. This drilling process uses a rotating cutting tool to drill or machine a hole, and/or can be moved sidewards to machine a cavity or opening.

Drilling services can be used for metals such as sheet metal, stainless steel, brass, bronze, mild steel, and aluminum plate to name a few.

Proshort can drill: Brackets, Plates, Discs, Washers, Munting plates, Mounting brackets, Steps, Backing plates, Flanges, Heater supports, Base plates, Spacers, Corner plates, Angle brackets, Switch plates, Windshield brackets, Belt covers, Beveled plates, Arms, Caps etc.

We are your one stop shop with all our in-house services: laser cutting, press brake bending, shearing, milling, vibratory finishing, PEM insertion, forming, drilling services, TIG welding & MIG welding, and painting. Combined with our our-sourced operations: plating, anodizing, powder coating and passivating services we are your turnkey prototype and short run parts provider.

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