Super Alloy Lathing

Proshort specializes in super alloy lathing.

Shape, design and durability are our core competencies. Since August 1993 we have supplied our customers with super alloy lathing via state-of-the-art technology and processes.

Our prototype and short run with short super alloy lathing lead times will impress you. This is our mission. To "go the extra mile" is not a motto, it's is a way of life.

We will do all we can to meet your print specifications and meet your urgent delivery demands on quantities ranging from 1 to 50,000 pieces.

Super Alloy Lathing

Market demand for low-volume super alloy lathing and shorter lead times has inspired us to excel in every aspect of this marketplace enhancing our ability to meet your needs.

We employ experienced tool and die makers and machinists who meet short lead time requirements while maintaining an emphasis on producing quality parts.

We utilize the latest software and manufacturing technologies to get your super alloy lathing from concept to physical part.

Integral to making your component is making it according to your specifications. From the first piece to final inspection, we ensure that your super alloy lathing meets your exacting expectations.

Our in-house operations include press brake bending, shearing, milling, vibratory finishing, PEM insertion, forming, drilling, TIG & MIG welding as well as painting.

We have reliable partners for plating, powder coating, anodizing and passivating services.

Quality parts and services production requires a serious equipment investment:

Our Mitsubishi eX Laser Cutting system offers the latest in cutting technology, producing precision parts rapidly and efficiently. The eX handles a 60" x 120" sheet of carbon and alloy steels (.020" thick to .750" thick), stainless steels (.020" thick to .625" thick), and aluminum (.020" thick to .250" thick).

Our OMAX water-jet system can handle up to 60" x 120" and 10" thick of most any material. The OMAX 60120 features IntelliTRAX, the high-precision linear drive technology designed exclusively for the abrasive waterjet environment.

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Proshort specializes in super alloy lathing. Our prototype and short run with short lead times abilities will impress you. This is our mission.

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